Krunal Tailor, Henna Artist

About Krunal Tailor

Hey, I am Krunal Tailor, a London based Henna Artist who from a young age has been continually building and developing my unique approach to henna.

Growing up, I was an avid viewer of shows such as LA Ink and Miami Ink, which sparked an interest in tattoos and body art. During my early teens I had the pleasure of watching my aunt adorn brides with henna for their wedding celebrations. It built my curiosity around this temporary art form and marked the beginning of my journey towards becoming a reputable Henna Artist. I was 11 years old when I was given my first henna cone and I took this passion through with me to adulthood. Henna provided me with the outlet to design and create tattoos, but without the permanent commitment. I approach henna with an open mind and eagerness to continually learn and perfect my craft.

I continued practising henna whilst exploring a variety of creative art forms such as painting and sculpting during my time in further and higher education. Henna became my true devotion as I lost interest in western fine art practices. It allows me to express my creative side, culture and true self as well as giving me the fulfilment of bringing a smile to a bride’s face. My henna art is inspired by the world around me, taking influences from: Indian fashion, architecture and nature. I have developed a distinctive style from time I have spent with henna artists such as; Kiran Sahib, Joey Anderson, Divya Patel and Monita.

As a male Henna Artist based in London, I am firm believer that henna should be for everyone, regardless of gender, culture or background. I create henna for a range of clients and for many different events through my various packages; bridal, private and corporate.